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AlesKyloes Kushie

Kyloes regularly wins seasonal awards from the local CAMRA branches thanks to the finely tuned palate of Paul Newton, not to mention his penchant for choosing the most bizarrely named beers from around the UK!

Paul goes to great lengths to ensure that discerning real ale enthusiasts can sup the latest from Cumbria’s micro-breweries to some of the more famous and not so famous beers from all over the country. He has also been known to do requests – for beers, although his Barry Manilow impression has drawn critical acclaim!

We have the following selection of ales available:

Theakston Traditional Mild
Theakston Best Bitter
John Smith’s Extra Smooth
Kyloes Kuskie
Strongbow Dark Fruits
Guest Ale – please ask for our current guest ale as this changes regularly.


Wine List


Las Ondas Sauvignon BlancHighland Drove
Valle Central, Chile

Take a sip, close your eyes and imagine you are a condor or some other bird of prey flying high above the Chilean mountains. The air is crisp, clean and invigorating; it enhances life. Now swallow and enjoy the lingering abundance of fruit for a perfect finish. Believe us, this is no flight of fancy.
125ml – £3.00    175ml – £4.10    250ml – £5.40    70cl – £15.50

Pinot Grigio Ponte di Piave
Veneto, Italy

The house special of many a wine bar back in the 60s and still favoured by “Ladies That Lunch” ever since. It’s not just the fair sex that will enjoy this light and refreshing offering that has just enough green fruit to bring a burst of La Dolca Vita back into your life.
125ml – £3.00    175ml – £4.10    250ml – £5.40    70cl – £15.50

Boomerang Bay Chardonnay
South East Australia

We thought about throwing a cheap pun saying that this Boomerang Bay chardonnay would have you coming back for more, but decided against it. Instead we focus on the clean balanced and crisp taste underpinned by a light citrus and apple character.
125ml – £3.20    175ml – £4.40    250ml – £5.60    70cl – £16.50

Cune Monopole Rioja Blanco
It’s a constant source of puzzlement to us that adventurous palates that think nothing of relishing a bottle of Chateau Guano from the vineyards of Tierra del Fuego will not dream of trying White Rioja!!! This is produced by the fifth generation of the founders of CVNE, from hand picked Viura grapes. A true classic among the Spanish white wines since 1915. This is a modern style wine, young, dry fruit-forward and delightfully fresh. Throw caution to the wind a live a little, no, live a lot.
125ml – £3.20    175ml – £4.40    250ml – £5.60    70cl – £16.50

Esk Valley Sauvignon BlancHighland Drove
Marlborough, New Zealand
New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are unique and are never wilting wallflowers. One sip and it’s not unlike a Maori tribe doing the Haka with your taste buds (put that tongue away, you are in company!) This is an intensely aromatic offering that explodes with passion fruit and citrus. To get in the groove repeat after me: “Ka mate, ka mate, ka ora, tenei te, tangata puhuruhuru”.
70cl – £23.95

Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio
Trentino, Italy
Remember the heady days of the 1960s when wine bars burst on the scene and knocking back a bottle or six of iffy pinot grigio was the height of sophistication? Wine, like us, improves with age and this is an intricate crisp, fruity white with a full, ripe aroma. Occasionally growing up is worthwhile.
70cl – £18.95

Chablis, J Moreau et Fils
Burgundy, France
If you like a wine with character and backbone it is hard to beat a fine chablis from the old escargot munchers across the channel. This grand, upstanding masterpiece is steely and dry with the characteristic green tint and fine fruit/acidity balance.
70cl – £24.95

Laxas Albarino
Rias Baixas, Spain
Mention Albarino to one local and his eyes glaze over as he drifts into taste bud bliss. Grown in the cold, damp hills of Galicia it takes an age for the grapes to eke out their intense flavours – but what flavours. An aromatic and scented dry wine that is a surprisingly crisp belter and our blissed-out local calls it mouthgasmic and who are we to argue.
70cl – £29.95

Chateau Thieuley Blanc
Bordeaux, France
This classy little temptress takes the bored out of Bordeaux and enchants and titillates with crisp fruity flavours and aromas. The tasting notes says it’s a “new wave” white Bordeaux and will it may be, but we think this excellent value for money and well worth freeing those moths from the wallet for.
70cl – £22.95


Jack & Gina Zinfandel RoseHighland Drove

We have long championed the Return Of Rose (cue rousing music) and more of you are discovering why. Try this perfect example which is medium sweet with vast sweeping bursts of red fruit that are offset by plenty of zesty of acidity. It’s what taste buds were created for.
125ml – £3.00    175ml – £4.10    250ml – £5.40    70cl – £15.50

Les Vignerons Grenache Merlot Rose

Back in the dark old days – well, 15 to 20 years ago – marketing bods “invented” blush to try and get us to convert to rose style wines. This little number reminds us of this blush, with its delicate pink colour that belies the crisp acidity of the Grenache blending perfectly with the red berries and the passion fruits of the merlot. So ladies get the gentlemen to lay aside their masculine prejudices and sample this fruity, refreshing wine with grilled meats, salads and SUNSHINE!!
125ml – £3.00    175ml – £4.10    250ml – £5.40    70cl – £15.50


Andean Vineyards Malbec
Argentina is derived from the Latin Argentum meaning silver, but we would argue that this mid-bodied wine is solid gold. This Malbec is typical of its type with a warming body that gives rise to punchy damson flavours and strong spicy aromas.
125ml – £3.20    175ml – £4.40    250ml – £5.60    70cl – £16.50

Aimery Merlot, Vin de Pays d’OcHighland Drove
In the past we have gone overboard by having several hundred Merlots on our wine list – OK we exaggerate slightly – but we have cut back to just one to showcase the “breed”. The soft fruity flavours still deliver a weighty 12.5% punch but you don’t feel like you have gone 12 rounds with the heavyweight champion of the world.
125ml – £3.00    175ml – £4.10    250ml – £5.40    70cl – £15.50

Los Ondas Pinot Noir
Valle Central, Chile

Not all reds have a presence like a 19 stone hooker (easy tiger, we are talking rugby). This Pinot Noir is light bodied but not light in flavour and your nose will be delighted with the aromas of raspberry and strawberry that prove the old saying that less can be more.
125ml – £3.00    175ml – £4.10    250ml – £5.40    70cl – £15.50

Boomerang Bay Shiraz
South East Australia

Gone are the days when a hearty shiraz was in your face before your palate. Enjoy the soft tannins and swathes of juicy black fruit topped off by a soft velvety nature. We guarantee that this boomerang will have you coming back for more (pun intended!).
125ml – £3.20    175ml – £4.40    250ml – £5.60    70cl – £16.50

Finca de Oro Rioja

Hounds of Hades, this contains so many black fruit flavours one glass will probably provide you with your five a day. A punchy, refined Rioja with dark fruit, spice and oak aromas. Stunning and highly recommended.
125ml – £3.00    175ml – £4.10    250ml – £5.40    70cl – £15.50

Caliterra Carmenere ReservaHighland Drove
Do you remember that fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally? Well, this could have been what Sally was drinking. There are waves of succulent black fruit flavours with a tantalising hint of smoky spice.  It’s like a gorgeous , wet smacker of a kiss full on the lips.
125ml – £3.20    175ml – £4.40    250ml – £5.60    70cl – £16.50

Paternina Banda Roja Reserva
Rioja, Spain
Back in the bad old days all beer slops were thrown into the barrel of mild for “recycling” and we have a suspicion that exported Riojas contained more than they said on the bottle. Fortunately Riojas are staging a welcome comeback and this is a smooth yet full red that embodies all that is good about this fine Spanish staple.
70cl – £27.95

Cantina Di Negrar ‘Le Roselle’ Valpolicella Ripasso Classico
In the late 20th century, a new style of wine known as ripasso (meaning “repassed”) emerged. The pomace of leftover grape skins and seeds from the original fermentations are added to the batch of Valpolicella wines for a period of extended maceration. This results in a concentrated and chunky wine with strong notes of damson and ripe prunes. Isn’t educational drinking great.
70cl – £22.95

Fleurie ‘Domaine de Poncereau’, Louis JadotHighland Drove
Burgundy, France
The tasting notes says this has a good attack of fruit and a touch of tannin which we think vastly under-sells it. Fleurie is one of the top 10 Beaujolais crus and made from the Gamay grape variety to be light, silky and supple with characteristic floral and berry aromas. Take this grand dame for a waltz but treat her with respect.
70cl – £24.95

Avant-Garde Pinot Noir, Domaine Carneros
Sonoma, CaliforniaThis new addition to our wine family is extremely aromatic, with the dominant fruit notes of black cherry, cranberry and raspberry accented with exotic spices and hints of rose petals and spice. It is fresh and lively on the palate, with a delicacy and balance on the finish. Best drunk looking at a painting by Salvador Dali.
70cl – £29.95

Rib Shack Red
South Africa
Fire up that braai (BBQ), prepare the hand-strangled beef steaks, get macho and prepare yourself for the treat of a lifetime. It’s made from local star Pinotage, plus Shiraz and Cabernet, three of the weightiest, punchiest grapes around, and has a rich, smooth and smoky flavour. Warning: probably not best drunk with scallops!
70cl – £19.95

Grant Burge ‘The Holy Trinity’
Barossa, Australia
The Holy Trinity is modelled on the wines of the southern Rhone in France, where traditionally they blend varieties such as Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre. These varieties are also well suited to the climate of the Barossa Valley, where the blend has developed a strong reputation for consistency and quality. Please don’t cross yourself while drinking – the wine will everywhere!
70cl – £32.95

SparklingHighland Drove

Prosecco Viticoltori Ponte
Treviso, Italy
With their bubbly love of life it is not surprising the Italians have bottled this effervescent personality as a symbol of good living. This Prosecco delivers a crisp, clean and dry flavour that completes the experience with a creamy finish. So raise your glass and join in the traditional toast of Buona Salute.
200ml – £6.00    70cl – £19.50

Segura Cava Rosada
Penedes, Spain
Don’t let the pale pink fool you into believing this is a wallflower cava. There are intense red berries and erotic – sorry – exotic fruits waiting to please you with a fresh and delicate palate.
70cl – £19.50



ChampagneHighland Drove

H Lanvin Brut
This is no poor relation to the more expensive Champagnes and its pedigree is stamped through with a lustrous golden colour and fine ascending bubble extravaganza. It boasts an elegant aromatic nose and classic toasty palate.
70cl – £29.95

Taittinger Brut Reserve NV
Reims, France
Major celebrations, like Penrith RUFC winning a game, should be celebrated in style and this classic Champagne delivers class in spectacular fashion. Prominent toast and biscuit aromas are underpinned by a strong fruit flavour on the palate make this an aristocratic frontrunner in the Champagne stakes.
70cl – £49.95

We also have a selection of soft drinks, teas and coffees available.
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